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We turn your vision, into our mission

Our team of dedicated individuals will listen to you, and get into our drawing boards and craft the perfect social media solution that engages your audience.

For 14 Days. Cancel Anytime.

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Why Blaze?

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AI Optimised Posts

Using Artificial Intelligence to give you high performing posts for your social media.

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Unlimited Revisions

Your satisfaction is our first priority. We’ll ensure the designs we produce are in line with your needs.

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Zero Downtime

Our team would design social media posts for you in shortest amount of time needed.

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No Hidden Costs

No additional charges. No sudden bills. No contracts. We charge our services at a flat rate.

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Bespoke Designs

No two designs are alike. The posts that we designed are specific to you just like a tailor made suit.

How It Works

Find out what industry leaders are doing to drive sales through our Social Media Report.

Answer some quick questions to help our specialist understand your objectives for the month ahead.

Social media posts are generated by AI, and will go through the process of internal reviews and evaluations by social media experts.

Share with us your opinions without any limit.

Once approved, your social media posts will be managed and posted by us.


No hidden costs, No stress in getting perfect social media posts every month.

All content is unique to your account, it is designed and scheduled based on a powerful Ai data collection algorithm that compares you online footprint to industry leading accounts.

The Blaze team will understand your unique selling points and utilise the Blaze algorithm to give you the best ideas in your monthly Social Media Strategy Brief.

One Month

$ 398 Monthly
  • Monthly Social Media Brief
  • 1 Promo Consultation
  • 10 Facebook Posts
  • 10 Instagram Posts
  • 1 Facebook Banner
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