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  • Easy installation on your worksite or project.
  • Time lapse cameras are configured to take still images at intervals throughout the lifespan of the project. 


  • Professional construction photography.
  • Document the process of construction in various stages, images of the members of your team etc


  • Record video footage on-site that fully documents your project from start to finish. 
  • An experienced videographer captures all the key details and milestones of your project. 

Reasons To Choose Us


  • Professional Construction Videographers
  • Specialized in the Construction Industry
  • Knowledge of the Industry

Professional Equipment

  • Professional Job-Site Ready Video Equipment
  • Portable and Professional Equipment for any Location
  • Professional Post-Production and Delivery


  • Ready around your schedule 24/7
  • Organised planning
  • Ready with the proper PPE

Cost Effective

  • Efficient Planning
  • Organized Production Strategy
  • Experienced Videographers

Case Studies

Funan Underground Pedestrian Linkway

We worked closely with the construction team to schedule our team to be onsite at the various construction milestones, from delivery to the final inspection of the tunnel rings. The team had setup multiple timelapse cameras on-site to capture the intricate process of lifting and lowering these heavyweight precast structures into place with milimeter precision.

ASAC Awards Video

We worked closely with the QEHS team to put together a storyboard that touched on the untold challenges faced by foreign workers across Singapore during COVID-19. We told the story through the eyes of a veteran, sharing his trials and tribulations leading a team through one of the toughest times the construction industry has faced.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have consulted with clients, at different stages of their projects: budgeting, exploration, ideation or with a full brief that’s ready for execution. Do let us know where you’re at, and we will be able to support you with our photography and videography services accordingly.

Reach out to us via the contact form below, and we’ll be able to provide what you need to take the following steps.

Our consultation will:

  • Help you clarify the type of video you need based on your target audience and objective to achieve maximum impact.
  • Give you professional insight on the various creative approaches you can use in your video production to create engaging content. E.g., style of video editing and videography.
  • Provide you with step-by-step guidance on how our film production workflow delivers a stress-free experience (honed over 10 years of experience working with established brands and companies).
  • Enable you to get started on your video quickly, clearly, and effectively.

The costs of video production are based on variables such as what type of service, number and duration of videos, days of filming, type of video editing required, what resources can be provided by the client and very importantly, desired quality of the video.

Reach out to us via the contact form below, and we’d be able to advise you better. By providing as much detailed information as possible, you would enable us to provide a more thorough consultation on how best to meet your objectives with the resources available. This may involve us proposing alternatives for you to bring back for your team discussion.

Upon project confirmation and completion of the kick-off meeting, we will prepare and share a detailed production schedule that will list the milestones and delivery dates. The exact schedule will depend on the scale and complexity of your video production and your internal approval process. We recommend planning a video production timeline of 4 to 8 weeks between project confirmation and video delivery.



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