Eric Chow

Fashion Photographer

In this world, there are people who are beautiful, and people who are not.

And then there’s Eric, who loudly proclaims (in his friendly, jovial, and positively optimistic tone)…

“Everyone can be beautiful!”

Ever since taking his first photograph as a teenager, Eric has sought to elevate beauty in the mundane. A reason why he gravitated naturally towards fashion photography? He wouldn’t say. But the work does speak for itself.

The people are a little more down to earth than high-end glossy fashion models. The stylishness is a little more relatable. A little more human. Friendly. Exactly what Eric’s warm smile and lion- mane-like hair would suggest.

His images depicts the deceptively simple idea of ‘modern’. After all, things go out of fashion very, very quickly. It takes a keen eye for detail, and an instinct honed over years to know, and anticipate what is and will resonate with today’s audience. Fashion, after all, is more than just pretty people in pretty clothes. It’s how one approaches life. A constant journey, to make the things and people around oneself better, inside and out.

Living by that, Eric brings comfort to those around him. Either in the form of a laugh, a smile, or a really well shot image. And maybe, just maybe, more people will see the world for the beautiful place that it really is.

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