Events we cover

Over the years, we have worked with many businesses and brands to provide media coverage for all sorts of events: from small exclusive launches, to large conferences.

Corporate Videos and Interviews

We produce creative short narrative films to bring across client’s key messages, using storytelling to engage and take the audiences on a emotional journey. We support your projects from location casting, set design to post-production.


Professional seminar and conference videos has been shown to reach customers and clients in a positive way while taking your brand to the next level. 

Trade and Exhibition Booths

We produce videos for your trade and exhibition booth to help showcase your brand and facilitate dialogue between customers and clients.

Launch Parties

Got an upcoming product launch or office opening? Count on our team to capture the excitement of it to showcase your business’s stride into the next phase.

Event Photography

Event Videography

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General media production enquiries

Professional photos and videos will help refine your brand image and keep your current customers engaged on social media with regular posts.

As a commercial photo and video studio in Singapore, we have decades of experience working with small and large businesses. Unlike a typical consumer, businesses have a completely different set of needs and priorities.

We have been in the media production industry for over a decade. Starting with simple event photography, to having a full professional videography team.

Having a plethora of video and photos allows you to create content and share content in a myriad of ways that will provide many more options than having only photos or videos.

After all, you cannot show an awesome event clip on a printed annual report.

Do consult us about your specific media production requirement. We will do our best within our means to meet your requirements. If needed, we will make suggestions to help your business fulfil your goal. 

Payment and delivery of media files

We will provide a download link to the photos and/or videos after we have processed them.

Depending on the nature and requirements, it can vary based on the crew needed, equipment used, and expertise required. Do consult us with details about your event so we can provide an accurate quotation.

The media files will be sent to you within a couple of business days from the shoot.

If you need the files sooner or urgently, do let us know and we will try to expedite it for you at an additional cost. 

Media production process

Each and every event is unique. We will first gather information about the event. Then formulate a plan and checklist around it to ensure we got the necessary shots to deliver the intended message and narrative.

We use professional grade camera, lenses, and support gear for your events media production needs to ensure the highest quality output and reliability.

Redundancy is a vital aspect when handling any digital files and keeping uptime. We use multiple bodies and/or cards to ensure your data is saved on more than one medium.

Event preparation

We would need a rough schedule of the event with key events highlighted so we can make sure our event photographers are at the right place at the right time.

We are able to photograph of video events within 24 hours notice for as long as we do not have a prior booking, please contact our producer to confirm your booking as soon as possible.

License and ownership

The costs of event photography are based on variables such as the, number of photos, duration of event, type of photo editing required, what resources can be provided by the client and very importantly, desired quality of the photos.

Reach out to us via the contact form below, and we’d be able to advise you better. By providing as much detailed information as possible, you would enable us to provide a more thorough consultation on how best to meet your objectives with the resources available. 

Yes of course, the rights of these photos will be transferred to you after the shoot is complete.

Other media production questions for events

Sure thing. Branding is a very important aspect for any business.

Do contact us for more information.

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