Commercial product photography in the year 2023

Why is commercial product photography still important in the year 2023?

Commercial product photography in the year 2023 will remain relevant. As eye-catching and attention grabbing these trendy short videos are, there are some things that videos cannot do what commercial product photography excels at. Printed advertisements such as billboards and banners only take us a glance to fully comprehend the intent. How about sending a full sized video through someone’s physical or digital mailbox as part of your marketing campaign? Not possible or practical. As it is in the coming year of 2023, product photography will remain relevant for decades since it is one of the best ways to leave a great first impression of a brand or product in a fraction of a second.


a commercial photograph of a black womens Louis Vuitton branded watch

Undeniable statistics on the usefulness of product photography in the year 2023?

We are visual creatures at heart. Studies have shown people only retain 20% of the things they read and 80% of what they see. With our attention spans shrinking from 12 to 8 seconds (a study done by Microsoft), an informative visual is a great time-saving solution and automatically captures one’s interest.

Even if it was possible in the year 2023 to have the bandwidth or network speed to have short clips of every single product shown at the same time on an e-commerce site, using high quality photographs can be a much more effective way of showcasing the most important point of each individual product. Which provides a much better user experience than trying to watch simultaneous video feeds at the same time,

As a bonus point, photographs will almost always take up less space and bandwidth than videos. Limiting media to smaller sized photographs will result in much faster page loads and is beneficial for e-commerce. There are multiple studies that have proven that page speed directly affects conversation ratings and willingness to buy.

How to use still photography to bolster short form videos?

Commercial product photography can be used to bolster short form videos by providing visuals that are relevant to the video. The photos can be used as an engaging thumbnail, alongside on the website, or in the video in the form of slideshows. The images can be used to create visuals that give viewers a better understanding of the product, as well as its features and benefits. Additionally, product images can be used to create visuals that are dynamic and engaging, making the video more memorable and increasing the chance of viewers watching until the end.

a pair of women shoes in different colours on a mirror reflecting teh sky
Product Photography by Asyraf Rahman